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The NSFW party game that will mess with your head.
This is a game of bad language, crazy drawings and hilarious mistakes. Get your friends laughing in no time!

Ages 17+ | 2 - 20 Players | 20+ min Playing time

  • Mess with your heads – A tricky combination of colours, swear words and pictures will confuse even your smartest of friends.

    • Make it your own – Your creations become the star of each game. Use the colour-popping scratch cards to create your own rules using words and pictures, then keep them for future games.

    • Choose your challenge – With a variety of extra challenge cards to add to the mix, no round will ever be the same.

    • Laugh at your friends – watch your friends fail while they decide to swear or not.

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@inkstergames A few of our scratch cards in action #partygame #drinks #cardgames #blurgh ♬ Jell-O - Egozi
@inkstergames Friend’s reactions are priceless 💀💀 🤣 🎉 🍻🍷 🏆 We spent years perfecting our latest NSFW party game “Blurgh” to be as hilarious and easy to get your friends into as possible! Ages 17+ | 2-20players Each player starts by drawing the person opposite them, then shows the group who they drew 🤣. In this game when someone flips over a card with your face on it you must yell F—! This is an Aussie party game of bad language, crazy drawings, and hilarious mistakes. Follow us for more info! #blurgh #inkstergames #partygame #drinkinggame #cardgames #drinks #games ♬ original sound - InksterGames