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How to play

Quickstart guide

Blurgh instructions step 4

Step 4.

Get it wrong or take too long, players can slap and you’ll be forced to pick up cards.
Get it right and you lose that card
(The first person to slap can give the top two played cards to any one or two players).

blurgh skeleton winner

Step 5.

The first player to lose all their cards wins!

Basic rules

blurgh say background colour

Rule 1 — Black text:

Say background colour

blurgh say colour of the text

Rule 2 — Coloured text:

Say colour of text

blurgh say swear word

Rule 3 — Swear words:

Say swear word - (regardless of text colour) * Except for the word F**k - See rule 4.

blurgh dont say fuck

Rule 4 — F**k cards:

Don't say F**k. - (These cards revert to rules 1 and 2)

Blurgh reverse rule


Answer with the correct colour using rules 1 and 2.
Play now continues in the reverse direction.

Blurgh pass rule


Everyone passes their entire hand of cards to the next player.
No answer is required, simply pass in the direction of play.

Blurgh face rule

Your face

If it's your face, say F**k.
Even if its not your turn.
If anyone other than this person answers, they must pick up all the cards.

Creating the dealers deck

Add extra Challenge and Scratch cards

Blurgh challenge and scratch cards

Get started with these basic rules, then add extra Challenge and Scratch cards to make the game more fun!

Download our PDF below for the full list of cards and rules below

Download the PDF instructions