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One of the great things about F**k. The Game is you can easily add to or create your own rules if you want to mix things up. Think of it as a new set of playing cards but with F*ck , C*ck and P*ssy instead of traditional numbers or royalty. By changing the rules you can make the game harder, easier or completely fresh for seasoned pros. Have a friend who is too good at the standard rules? F**k them up by changing the rules to a different version.

Contact us if you would like to share a rule you have created!

Here are a few of our favourites:



Every time a swear word appears the current player mentions a non swear word ( Eg. For "C*ck" you could say "Penis"). You can not say a word that someone else has already said. See the video below to see how things play out.


Play FTG like its a popular numero "Uno" game. 

Deal each player eight cards.Players look at and pair up their cards based on colours and swear words.

The colour of the text is disregarded, only the word and background colours are matched.

 A**hole  Reverse
 Sh*t  Skip
 C*ck  Draw Two
 Pus*y   Draw four
 C*nt Wildcard (Choose any colour) This card can also be used to negate any other card. Eg. Cancelling out 3 x F**ks 
 1 x F**k  Every one gives the next player 1 card from their deck (The cards are given to the proceeding player after the F**k card has been placed)
2 x F**k   Proceeding player picks up 10 cards
3 x F**k  Nominate a player to pick up 10 cards

Any time there are two swear words in a row, every play has to put a thumb on the edge of the table. The last person to do so picks up all the played cards.


Anyone can yell out any colour or word in the game to mess with the current players mind making them second guess their answer. Keep in "mind" ... (ba doom ching) the more you do this it can mess with your head when its your turn.