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Ages 17+ 2-20 players 20 Mins to Play
The party game that will mess with your head
From the makers of F**k. The Game.
Now available in:
Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada and the U.S!

What's this game about?

blurgh scratch cards

Make it your game

Your creations become the star of each game. Use the colour-popping scratch cards to create your own rules using words and pictures (then keep them for future games).

blurgh challenge cards

Choose your challenge

With a variety of extra challenge cards to add to the mix, no round will ever be the same. 60 challenge cards are included in the game.

blurgh laughing face reveal

We asked a few people to play Blurgh for the first time. This was their reaction 😂.

What's in the box?

blurgh box contents