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Ages 17+ 2-20 players 20 Mins to Play
F**k. The Game
Train your brain. Laugh at your friends. Win.
The original Aussie swearing game
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How does it work?

Step 1.

Each player will have a handful of cards containing a tricky combination of swear words and colours.

Step 2.

You take turns drawing a card off the top and placing it in a central pile, only the player will yell out the correct answer based of a few simple but tricky rules.
(See 4 rules below)

Step 3.

Get it wrong (or take too long to answer), players slap the deck and you're lumped with the cards, get it right and you have now lost that card. Next player takes their turn.

f**k the game winner

Step 4.

The winner is the first to lose all of their cards

Fuck the game 4 rules

The 4 main rules

Smosh plays F**k. The Game