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F**k. The Game - Edición en Español

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  • The original 2015 kickstarted party game now in Spanish!
  • Hilariously social game – swear at your friends (in Spanish) without offending them.
  • Brain training side effects – you won’t even realise you’re getting smarter.
  • Juego social divertidísimo - dile palabrotas a tus amigos sin ofenderlos.
  • Efectos secundarios del entrenamiento del cerebro - ni siquiera te das cuenta de que te vuelves cada vez más inteligente.

F**k. El juego es un juego de cartas social que te vuelve loco utilizando una combinación histérica de colores y palabrotas.

Los jugadores por turnos le dan la vuelta a una carta y gritan lo que ven.
Dependiendo de tu carta, tendrás que decir su color de fondo, el color del texto o una palabrota.
Sigue jugando hasta que alguien la j**e y se ve obligado a coger todas las tarjetas.
El ganador es el primer jugador que se deshace de todas sus tarjetas.

F**k. The Game is the original Aussie card game which will help you get smarter while swearing at your friends.

WARNING!- Kickstarted in 2015 this is a NSFW adult party game

A great social card game that will f**k with your head by using a hysterically tricky combination of colors and swear words:

How do you play?

  • Players take turns to flip over a card and shout out what they see.
  • Depending on your card, you might say its background colour, its text colour or a swear word.
  • Keep playing until someone f**ks up and is forced to pick up all the cards.
  • The winner is the first player to get rid of their cards.

It sounds simple, but the cards use a psychological phenomenon – the Stroop effect – known to mess with your head and delay your brain’s response. Players can’t help but f**k up, sending the group into fits of laughter.


  • 60 playing cards
  • 4 Rule cards
  • 12 page instruction booklet
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