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DIY deck – expansion pack

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This is the ultimate game changer – putting you and your friends in control. Simply take a card and use the scratch pen provided to scratch out a word, image or symbol that you've been dying to add to your original F**k. The Game deck.

The cards look just like the original colourful deck, but when you scratch away the top layer you reveal either a contrasting colour or black background. This means you won't notice the difference until someone flips it over in the game!

What do you get in each pack?

  • 36 dual layer/colour scratch cards
  • 1 scratch pen
  • Instruction booklet (with loads of ideas to get you started)
      1. Scratch out a word, picture, name whatever you can think of (we've included loads of ideas in the pack).
      2. Add your custom cards to your original F**k. The Game.
      3. Tailor the rules and difficulty level to your group.
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